Monday, 9 December 2013

Call Recorder App -

You can now get the free call recorder app for Android at Click the image below to get the call recorder app.

Get it from CNET!

Ezi Call Recorder is a call recording app for Android. The app will allow users to record the phone conversation for future playback. The app will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls once activated.

The app usage is very simple, only one click of button. There is no complicated setting.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

TiffinCAD Junior - App for Kids

The Android app for kids to draw, sketch or write. Pronunciation also available.

It is being developed as an early introduction to the concept of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and its usages in engineering, art & design and architecture. The drawing canvas comes with grids to emulate a CAD environment.

Download the free app here:-

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Free Phone Locator App Version 3.7

Get the latest version here:-

This free Android app can perform the followings:-
1. Locate your phone via SMS
2. Monitor SIM card change

For free call recording app, you can get it here.

Free Call Recorder App for Android

We've just released a free version for call recorder app which you can get it here:-

This free version will enable you to evaluate the app before choosing to get the full version. The only limitation with free version is that you can only record one file and it comes with ads. Whenever the app record a conversation, it will replace the existing file. But with full version, you can have unlimited number of recording files. The only limit is your SD card storage memory.

With this free version, you can also evaluate whether the app is compatible with your device. Certain device or firmware puts limit on call recording.

We do not know whether call recording is prohibited in your respective countries. So use with care and consult your legal adviser if necessary.

Ezi Call Recorder Features:-
1. Only one button to activate or deactivate the call recording function.
2. No complicated setting
3. Once activated, it will automatically record every incoming or outgoing calls
4. Go to Call List for playback
5. Go to Call List to delete any recorded files
6. All recorded files will be stored in your SD card in a folder named "guanokito"

Get the free app here and hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

EZI Call Recorder

EZI call recorder is an app for Android. To use this call recorder app:-

Step 1.
Download the call recorder app at

Step 2
When you run the call recorder app, you'll see this main screen:-

Step 3
Just click the REC button to activate the recording function.

Step 4
That's all. You can then exit the app.

Once activated, the app will start recording any incoming or outgoing calls automatically.

 Enjoy it.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Call Recorder App for Android

We've released another Android app to record all incoming and outgoing calls.
You can get the Call Recorder app here.

This app is quite simple to operate. Just click a button to Activate or Deactivate the call recording function. There is no complicated setting.

But there is one weakness. We cannot guarantee that the call recorder app can work on all Android devices. It works on our testing device but we cannot test all all of them.

All recorded files will be automatically stored in your SD card. For playback, select any recorded files from the Call Listing. You can also manage the files for deletion.

Download this call recorder app from Google Play.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Phone Tracker or Phone Locator App for Android

We have just released a paid app for Android. The app can act as phone tracker or locator. You can get the Phone Tracker app here.

With this tracker app, you can now track or locate your phone via SMS or web. To locate using web, you must register as Sentinel from our official site at

Once you have logged in, you can perform various task to your Android phone.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

SEN3 Application

We've just released a new paid app in Samsung store.
We called it Sen3. It can do the followings:-
1. Locate your phone by SMS
2. Detect SIM change
3. Perform remote control via web

To perform remote control, you have to register as a Sentinel at
The app is currently only available at Samsung Store here.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Phone Locator Version 3.3

We have just released phone locator app version 3.3 with some fixing.
Get it for free at Google Play here.

With the new version, the app can fetch faster location.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Official Website

We have just launched our official website at:

As to date, the membership is not yet open for public.

By becoming a Sentinel, you will have the access to privileged area with several task to perform on your Android device from remote.

Before you can perform remote action on your Android device, you must first register the device.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

E-Book for Malaysia Rules of Court 2012

We have just release an e-book for Malaysia Rules of Court 2012.
Get it for free from Google Play here.
You can read it from your Android device, phone or tablet.
No need to carry thick and heavy books anymore.

Enjoy it

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hadis 40 Imam Nawawi

Ni ada app Android yang baru kita buat yang mengandungi Hadis 40 Imam Nawawi. Boleh download dari Google Play di sini.

Untuk membaca, flip skrin tu dari kanan ke kiri atau sebaliknya. Kalau nak tukar font size, warna dan sebagainya, guna opesyen yang ada di Menu.

 Flip skrin untuk membelek halaman.

Pilih opsyen dari menu untuk menukar saiz, warna, bookmark dan lain-lain.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

AES Detector for Android

Install this AES detector app from Google Play.
The app actually has 2 main functions:-
1. AES detector
2. Traffic CCTV

In this write up, we'll talk about the AES detector.
The AES locations have already been setup in the database.
As to date, we've incorporated 14 AES locations as announced by JPJ, the Malaysian authority.
But you can add more locations into the database when the authority installs any new AES.
So, whenever the authority relocate or install new AES, you can also do that in the app. haha. You don't have to wait for our updates.

Now, I'm going to show you how to use the app.
Run the app when you start driving and activate the AES detector.
If you are driving within the AES radius, the app will automatically display an alert.

You can choose between:-
1. GPS (more precise but battery consuming)
2. Mobile Network (less precision, faster and less battery consumption)

You can also setup the AES radius distance. The default value is 2 kilometer. If you're driving within the radius range, the app will keep on alerting you. You can choose to turn the speaker on/off.

If you are not sure with the exact location, you can use the map to locate the AES location.

Download the AES Detector app here.

If you're using NFC tag for driving profile, make sure you add the app into the tag.

Although this app has been developed for Malaysian traffic users, it can also be used in other countries. You just need to add the locations into the database.

Kita enjoyyy....