Wednesday, 2 January 2013

AES Detector for Android

Install this AES detector app from Google Play.
The app actually has 2 main functions:-
1. AES detector
2. Traffic CCTV

In this write up, we'll talk about the AES detector.
The AES locations have already been setup in the database.
As to date, we've incorporated 14 AES locations as announced by JPJ, the Malaysian authority.
But you can add more locations into the database when the authority installs any new AES.
So, whenever the authority relocate or install new AES, you can also do that in the app. haha. You don't have to wait for our updates.

Now, I'm going to show you how to use the app.
Run the app when you start driving and activate the AES detector.
If you are driving within the AES radius, the app will automatically display an alert.

You can choose between:-
1. GPS (more precise but battery consuming)
2. Mobile Network (less precision, faster and less battery consumption)

You can also setup the AES radius distance. The default value is 2 kilometer. If you're driving within the radius range, the app will keep on alerting you. You can choose to turn the speaker on/off.

If you are not sure with the exact location, you can use the map to locate the AES location.

Download the AES Detector app here.

If you're using NFC tag for driving profile, make sure you add the app into the tag.

Although this app has been developed for Malaysian traffic users, it can also be used in other countries. You just need to add the locations into the database.

Kita enjoyyy....