Friday, 13 November 2015

Cam Custodia - Android Remote Video Surveillance

We've just released another free Android app (Cam Custodia V1) for remote video camera surveillance which is now available at Google Play. This app can turn your device into live cam and you can view from remote pc.

You can get it here
Get it on Google Play

How to use this app
Step 1: Install and run the app. Turn on your WiFi and the app will fetch your IP and Port no

Step 2: Now go to your computer and open a browser. We use Mozilla and you need to install VLC and activate the browser plugin.

Enter the IP and Port no at the browser location address (eg:- and the following control panel will appear.

Step 3: Click on Start Streaming to start streaming your device's video camera.

That's all.

On the right of your control panel, you can perform additional remote functions You can tweak the camera setting, flash, vibrate, ring or switch the front or back camera.

Get the app here and enjoy it.