Friday, 23 January 2015

PingRoid V6.0 - Android App for Network Administrator

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PingRoid is a free android application suitable for network administrators. We have just released an upgrade version with more functionality and enhancement.

This app can perform the following tasks:-
1. Ping host/ip address
2. Locate public IP. Ability to locate using google map.
3. WiFi scanner with info.
4. Post scanner. For network administrator to probe any open port for security reason.
5. Traffic scanner. To monitor data traffic.

It's free and you can get it at Google Play store.

Call Recorder for Android V1.92

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We have just released a call recorder app version 1.92 at Google Play store. This call recorder app is very easy to use. With a click of button, you can activate or deactivate the recording button.

Once activated, the app will automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls. The conversation will be recorded in audio files which you can playback for future reference.

With the new version, you have the option to select audio source from the Option which can suit your device or preference.

This call recorder app is free. For the free version, you can record only one file. Any new recording will overwrite the existing file.

For premium version, you can record unlimited number of conversation file. The file will display the call info such as date, time and contact info.

Enjoy it.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Site Report App Now Available in Spanish

Sitio Informe App ya está disponible en español

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Esta aplicación es ideal para aquellos que trabajan en el sitio del proyecto ya sea de civil, arquitectura, mecánica o de tipo estructural de puestos de trabajo.

Normalmente preparado por el supervisor de sitio, ahora se puede presentar informe con Android. Ahora disponible en español.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Daily Construction Site Report App Version 3.2

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App for daily site report. We've just released a new version of Site Report apps for Android devices. With major improvement, this apps is suitable for construction management for daily site reporting submission.

At the Main Menu, you can choose to create/manage all your Projects.

Using Google map, you can locate and snap your project location. This image will later on appear on your site reporting.

The app will also allow the users to manage or monitor the project resources such as Materials. Enter any materials in Unit and Cost for your report submission.

Besides the materials, you can also submit report for Manpower and Machinery info.

Another feature is to upload the site photos for your report. The photos will be compiled into the pdf report for your submission.

The site report will be converted to pdf file. You can choose to first preview the report using any pdf reader app. You have to use pdf reader to preview the report. Once you've satisfied, you can send the report via email to your superior.

There are many more features offered by this app. Suitable for those in the construction field or industry such as general contractor, site supervisor, project manager, construction manager, foreman, electricians, mechanical manager, technician, builder, landscaper, concrete supervisor and those in related fields.

Revolutionized your work today. OK

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Submit Site Report using Android

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This app is suitable for those working onsite project whether for civil, architecture, mechanical or structural type of jobs.

Normally prepared by site supervisor, you can now submit report using Android.

This app will allow you to submit the following info:-
1. Contract no / Project title / Category of works
2. Work descriptions
3. Project location
4. Site memo / non-compliance notes received
5. Other remarks
6. Site photos (attached in the report)
7. Materials delivered
8. Manpower at site
9. Machinery at site
10. Weather info

Another free app by Innovacia Mobile.  Enjoy it.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


Get the e-mag here.

Another app for Android by Innovacia Mobile.

This is an e-magazine for building professionals – architects, engineers, builders, interior designers, government and private clients, home owners and other product specifiers.

Flip the pages as if you flip traditional magazine. The e-mag also has a Search function for your ease of reading. You can also bookmark any favourite pages.

Get the e-mag here.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Ammonia Removal Calculator

This Android app is the initiative of our local professor to perform the calculation for ammonia removal. Certain countries have already set allowable ammonia contents in water before it can be discharged into the river.

However, the manual calculation is lengthy and complex thus deterring wide implementation of the treatment exercise.

This app contains the formula to calculate the requirements for ease of use.

Get the Ammonia Removal Calculator app here.