Monday, 24 October 2011

CatchYou - Mobile Phone Locator

CatchYou is an application for android phone. It can track the location of the target mobile phone. Useful for:-
1. Lost or stolen handphone.
2. Track the whereabout of your family members, friends or any target phone.

How to use this application:-
1. Install CatchYou app in the target phone.
2. Whenever you want to track the location of the mobile phone, just SMS "locategomoman" to the target phone.
3. Once receiving the passcode, the target phone will automatically find its location using GPS or Network Provider.
4. The target phone will then reply to the tracker phone with its coordinates.
5. The tracker phone can then open the location coordinates using map.

CatchYou application is free and you can download from the Android Market.

Kita enjoyyy....

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Compass and Location Application for Android Phone

Kompas application version 2 has been released. Instead of just being a compass, the app can also get your current location using Google map.

It's free and you can download from Android Market.

Malaysia Highway CCTV Application for Android

TraffiCam application which is for android phone has been upgraded to version 4.5

Pls bear in mind that the quality and availability of the CCTV view is beyond our responsibility. We only connect and simplify the process for the benefit of the public to view the traffic condition via android phone.

The upgrade is available in Android Market for free.

MapMe - Android Application for Map and Navigation

MapMe application for android phone has been upgraded to Version 4.

Now the application has be capability to save your current coordinates. With this feature, the application can act as locator such as car locator etc. The app can gives you direction from your current coordinates to the saved location using Google map.

You can also send your location to your friends for assistance if you are in emergency or lost direction.

The app can get you the mileage from current to the saved location and the estimate traveling time.

To get the location, the app will be using Network Provider as default but you can choose to use GPS for more accuracy.

For more details and download, get it free from Android Market.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Malaysia Shoutcast and Radio Channel on Android

We've just released M2Day application version 5.0 which has included the following shoutcast and radio channel:-
- FuuhYo FM
- Frenxy FM
- Warong Chat FM
- Mutiara FM
- Gomo FM
- Radi FM
- Korea K-Pop
- Mix Channel
- Hard Rock Channel
- Oldies Channel

Get this free application from Android Market.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Malaysia Movie Showtime on Android Phone

In M2Day android application, we've included movie showtime for movie goers. You can search by Location, Theater, Day, Time or Genre.

From the M2Day application main menu, go to "Kita Lepak Dulu" > "Jom Tengok Wayang". The default location is Kuala Lumpur. To search movie showtime in Penang, Johor Bahru etc, just enter your location in the "Change Location" box.

With this movie showtime application, you can also search for movie in other countries. You can get it for free from Android Market here.

~ Kita enjoy...

Saturday, 8 October 2011

MalaysiaToday RSS Reader (M2Day)

This android application can get you the latest news from MalaysiaToday using RSS feed. You can get it for free from the android market here.

Other news include:-
  • HarakahDaily
  • KeadilanDaily
  • The Malaysian Insider
  • Free Malaysia Today
  • Free Radio Sarawak
For leisure reading, the app has included:-
  • Tazkirah
  • EPL
  • Sales
  • Health Tips
  • Malaysian Property
Download here