Monday, 10 October 2011

Malaysia Movie Showtime on Android Phone

In M2Day android application, we've included movie showtime for movie goers. You can search by Location, Theater, Day, Time or Genre.

From the M2Day application main menu, go to "Kita Lepak Dulu" > "Jom Tengok Wayang". The default location is Kuala Lumpur. To search movie showtime in Penang, Johor Bahru etc, just enter your location in the "Change Location" box.

With this movie showtime application, you can also search for movie in other countries. You can get it for free from Android Market here.

~ Kita enjoy...


Movie Showtimes said...

Nice application !!!
For the latest version is asking for many of you personal info like browser history, book mark etc, without explaining why. Uninstalls.

Mahesh P said...

Nice Information thank you for Sharing useful information. Great job.
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