Thursday, 21 November 2013

Free Call Recorder App for Android

We've just released a free version for call recorder app which you can get it here:-

This free version will enable you to evaluate the app before choosing to get the full version. The only limitation with free version is that you can only record one file and it comes with ads. Whenever the app record a conversation, it will replace the existing file. But with full version, you can have unlimited number of recording files. The only limit is your SD card storage memory.

With this free version, you can also evaluate whether the app is compatible with your device. Certain device or firmware puts limit on call recording.

We do not know whether call recording is prohibited in your respective countries. So use with care and consult your legal adviser if necessary.

Ezi Call Recorder Features:-
1. Only one button to activate or deactivate the call recording function.
2. No complicated setting
3. Once activated, it will automatically record every incoming or outgoing calls
4. Go to Call List for playback
5. Go to Call List to delete any recorded files
6. All recorded files will be stored in your SD card in a folder named "guanokito"

Get the free app here and hope you enjoy it.

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