Sunday, 1 July 2012

Manggis - Distance Calculator Using Camera/GPS

Get it on Google Play We've just now released another Android application called Manggis. This app is for quick distance calculator or measurement using:-
1. Camera
2. GPS/Network

You can now measure a distance using your phone's camera.To measure a distance using your phone's camera, follow the steps:-
1. Hold up your phone in Landscape orientation. Estimate your phone's distance from the ground level.
2. Then aim the camera at the target. Make sure you aim at the bottom of the object.
3. Tap the screen to get the measurement

However, most probably, you are not going to get 100% accuracy. Because it highly depends on:-
1. The device's distance from ground. So, if your hand moves up or down, it will affect the calculation.
2. Other factors such as the sensor, provider, network connection etc

But this app is suitable if you do not have a proper measuring tool in hand and for quick estimation.

Distance Calculator - Android Market

Download links:-
Google Play

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