Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Dark Side of SMS Forwarder

Get it on Google Play SMS Forwarder is one of our Android application which has been designed and developed with good faith. This app can automatically forwarded any incoming text message to another mobile no when the app is activated. However, it can be manipulated and misused by irresponsible person to invade someone's privacy. This will happen when you install the app in someone's hand-phone without his/her permission.

The purposes can vary from:-
  • to monitor children text message
  • to catch cheating couple or spouse
  • to monitor suspicious or criminal activity
The intention can be good when you're suspecting your beloved family member is behaving towards any immoral or criminal activities. And this can act as a monitoring or preventive tool before anything worse could happened. It can also become a hard evidence for any denial afterwards. But of course this will piss off the victim.

As the developer, we are not aware of any legal implication of this app in your countries. Furthermore, we do not have the budget to engage any legal advisers on this matter. To prevent any untoward blames or wild accusations on us as the developer, this text message forwarder application has been designed not to be 100% stealth. The user can still notice the incoming activation message that will trigger the application.

This text message forwarder has been developed for free and is available for download at Google Play. We did receive several requests for this app customisation but we will have to consider a few factors. Hope you can use it intelligently.

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