Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Locating Email Sender's Location with PingRoid

PingRoid is our Android application which can perform the followings:-
1. Ping servers.
2. Locate IP address by its country, state, town, latitude and longitude.

In this posting, we'll show you how to locate the email sender's location. We'll be using Gmail for this guide. Follow the steps:-

Step 1
Open the email you want to track.

Step 2
Beside the "Reply" icon, click on the "Triangle" icon. It will then list down a list of options.

Step 3
From the options listing, select "Show Original". You can then find the sender's IP address here.

Step 4
Once you get the IP address, you can use the app to locate the sender's location. Run PingRoid app using your Android phone and select "Locator" tab. Enter the IP address and click on "Locate this IP Address" button. The app will then locate the location.

We're using a 3rd party API for this function. However, we notice that sometimes the location may not be 100% accurate or available)

You can download the app for free here.

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