Monday, 9 April 2012

Android App for Worldwide Movie Showtime

M2Day is not just an app for RSS reader but also contains an app for worldwide movie showtime. To use the app, go to Google Play to download and install the app. Download here.

When you run the app, the main screen is as follows. Then you must select "Kita Lepak Dulu" from the listing.

Then the following screen will appear. Select "Jom Tengok Wayang" from the listing.

Then the app will start loading and the following screen will appear:-

The default location is Kuala Lumpur but you can change it to your desired location. You can refine your search by "location", "day", "theater" or even by the "movie genre". If you are not sure with theater location, you can use the Map View to locate the theater.

Enjoy it.

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Manish chauhan said...

Love this app! I need to go download it right now!

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