Monday, 18 April 2011

More New Android App Release - Translator

Just now, we have released another android app, "MyTranslator". This app is for language translation for English, French and Spanish. Here, in Malaysia, English is being taught as second language but we have no clue at all about French or Spanish.

Suitable for students, if you're currently preparing to study in France or Spain, this app is a must study tool. We know students always carry along their phone and with this app, the translator is always in your pocket. It can become your best friend.

As for tourist, if you plan visiting France or watching Messi playing in Barcelona, this app can become a pocket tool when it comes to language translation. You'll have no more problem placing orders in restaurant, hopefully.

With this app, gone are the days when you have to carry along thick dictionary or translation pocket book. Just withdraw your android phone from your pocket, and the translator is ready to assist you.

Again, we've developed it for free and you can download from Android Market.

Kita enjoyyy....


Anonymous said...

i think you'll need internet connection for the translation to work bcoz it use google api.

Mouse Click Enterprise said...

yes. u need internet connection for the translator to work.