Monday, 4 April 2011

Android App Review - TraffiCam

TraffiCam is a small app to view traffic condition in Malaysia. The app will utilise traffic cameras which have been installed by the authority. The condition of the camera is beyond the app control. If the camera is broken, blurred image etc, that is because of poor maintenance. Until now, the camera in SMART highway is still not functioning and we decide not include into the app. We also hope if the authority can get camera with better image, maybe with the capability to zoom in or out. The positioning of the camera is also important so the users can have better view. Well, that's beyond our jurisdiction. We can only help to hook-up the facilities to the people. Maybe they can use it as crime prevention too.

With this app, you can view the following highway or route in Malaysia:-
3. LDP
5. PNB (Penang Bridge)

There are several cameras installed at each highway/route which you can select to view. Once you've selected the camera location, click on "Snap" to snap the traffic picture. It will snap the latest picture or the moment you snap it. Below is the image captured using camera in NKVE - Bukit Lanjan KM20.9. As you can see, the traffic on your right is quite congested... so, avoid this route.

The app will snap only picture file and there is no video streaming. That will be a lot faster than playing a video file. The picture will also reveal the date and time it's being captured.

The petrol is getting expensive and more expensive. So, avoid wasting your petrol in traffic-jam, ok? Hmmm... if you look in the picture above, how can paid highway also get congested? Sigh! Luckily we're in Kelantan.

Though the petrol price is rising and rising, we are distributing this app for free. You can download the .APK file here

Below is the sample when the camera is not maintained properly. We do not know what has caused the problem but it was taken from Kesas Highway - Kewajipan KM36.8.

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