Tuesday, 7 April 2015

kllaebo V1.03 - Collaborative Real-time Drawing Board for Android

  Get it on Google Play

kllaebo version 1.03 has been released and now available in Google Play store. Some enhancement have been incorporated into the drawing app features such as notification upon invitation received.

To collaboratively work on the drawing board using internet, your must first sign in to your Google account. Then you can invite any person from your Circle or you can search by email address. You can also search using Nearby Devices.

Once the invitees have accepted the invitation, you can now work in a group using the drawing board regardless of your geography location, but you need the Internet. Currently we have limit the users to 4 persons only. Meaning, 4 people can work collaboratively on a shared drawing board using their own devices.

kllaebo is a real-time collaborative drawing apps. It means any thing that you draw or erase on the drawing board will be automatically reflected on other users' devices on real-time basis, without having to save your work.

The app is free and you can get it here.
Get it on Google Play

Kita enjoyyyy!!!


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