Thursday, 16 October 2014

Daily Construction Site Report App Version 3.2

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App for daily site report. We've just released a new version of Site Report apps for Android devices. With major improvement, this apps is suitable for construction management for daily site reporting submission.

At the Main Menu, you can choose to create/manage all your Projects.

Using Google map, you can locate and snap your project location. This image will later on appear on your site reporting.

The app will also allow the users to manage or monitor the project resources such as Materials. Enter any materials in Unit and Cost for your report submission.

Besides the materials, you can also submit report for Manpower and Machinery info.

Another feature is to upload the site photos for your report. The photos will be compiled into the pdf report for your submission.

The site report will be converted to pdf file. You can choose to first preview the report using any pdf reader app. You have to use pdf reader to preview the report. Once you've satisfied, you can send the report via email to your superior.

There are many more features offered by this app. Suitable for those in the construction field or industry such as general contractor, site supervisor, project manager, construction manager, foreman, electricians, mechanical manager, technician, builder, landscaper, concrete supervisor and those in related fields.

Revolutionized your work today. OK

Get it on Google Play


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